Granby/Grand County Airport
Emily Warner Field (KGNB)

Visit the new Emily Warner Aviation Museum onsite!

Grand County Government advises pilots flying into GNB to call flight service at 1-800-992-7433, option #1 to check NOTAM information to determine if the Granby-Grand County airport is open and the runway is plowed.

Pilot community thanks the Town of Granby for the donation of a courtesy car for use by visiting pilots.

The restoration of courtesy car availability at the Granby Airport (GNB) is also due to an economic development grant from the Friends of the Granby Airport, Inc., and due to cooperative efforts by members of EAA Chapter 1267, and members of the Friends of the Granby Airport. Inc.

The GNB courtesy car is stationed at the Flight Planning Facility which is in the former airline terminal at the East end of the airport. The keypad access code for entry into the Flight Planning Facility is CTAF. Further instructions on completing the required courtesy car access form and for obtaining access to the keys to the courtesy car are posted inside the Flight Planning Facility.

The courtesy car is provided on a first-come, first served basis. Pilots are requested to replace whatever gasoline is used."


- Flight Planning Facility with restroom now open at Granby Airport (GNB)

Your easy-in, easy-out aviation gateway to:

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Accommodates up to medium twin turbo-props and light business jets (ARC B-II)

24 Hour Self Service Jet A and Avgas

  • Colorado's Great Lakes Region (Lake Granby, Shadow Mountain Lake, and Grand Lake)
  • Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Ski Resorts:
    • Winter Park/Mary Jane
    • Ski Granby Ranch

  • Grand Elk Ranch and Club, Golf, Alpine and Beach Resort

FAA-certified AWOS-III weather information now available

Long Term Parking?

If leaving your vehicle for extended period, please click and fill in the Long Term Parking form which can be faxed to (970) 887-3168 or left at the airport building mailbox.

Ground Transportation:

Charter Services:

Field Elevation: 8203 MSL

Pattern Altitude for all aircraft: 9003 MSL

CTAF: 123.0

5000 x 75 ft. Runway 27 Right-hand Traffic Pattern (for terrain and avoidance of noise sensitive areas)
09 Standard Left-hand Traffic Pattern

Hangars: Currently, 30 aircraft are hangared at Granby (GNB), in a combination of privately-owned and county-owned hangars. At this time, all of the existing hangars are full; however, Grand County (the airport sponsor) is open to contact by individuals or companies desiring to build hangars at GNB.

Inquiries about the construction of privately-owned hangars should be directed to the County Manager at:
Lurline Curran, Grand County Manager
PO Box 264, Hot Sulphur Springs, CO 80451
Phone: 970.725.3347
Fax: 970.725.0565
E-mail: lcurran <at>


Located in open terrain atop the Granby Mesa, the airport is an easy-in, easy out mountain airfield as can be seen from this view from the southeast. County-plowed runway in winter. No fees.

Free Computerized Weather Information System

Due to rising terrain to the East and the highly noise-sensitive, area bearing 075 degrees from, and located only 0.5 nm East of the airport, good mountain pilots rarely, if ever, take off to the East. Study the traffic pattern chart and the noise-sensitive notice shown below.


Current and coming golfing attractions near the Granby/Grand County Airport:

Come experience the Grand Links of Grand County
The four golf courses of Grand County:

Fly into the Granby/Grand County Airport ((GNB) then lodge and dine in the midst of gorgeous Scenery and play a different spectacular golf course every day.

Here, listed by year of construction, are the current courses, plus one yet to come:

1964 Grand Lake Golf Course, 18 R, public (30 minutes from GNB)
Designer: Dick Phelps. Phone: 800.551.8580 or 970.627.8008,

1985 Pole Creek Golf Club, 27 R, public (20 minutes from GNB)
Designer: Denis Griffiths, Phone: 800.511.5076 or 970.887.9195,

2001 Golf Granby Ranch, 18 R, public (5 minutes from GNB)
Phone: 888-850-4615,

2002 Grand Elk Golf Course, 18 R, Semi-private/Resort (5 minutes from GNB)
Designer: Craig Stadler & Tripp Davis. Phone: 866.227.4268 or 970.887.9122,

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